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Gonna be a really short post but...

I really want to slap around the doctors in our region lately - especially those who only push pain medication and pills on their patients and don't follow up!!!

I'm just disgusted. I thought doctors were supposed to do no harm... well, when your dad almost ends up in the ICU with 2 infections, and your bestie is getting dicked around royally, I get more than a little pissed off and wondering what the hell these doctors are actually doing?

The lack of care in this world confuses and infuriates me... and I just don't understand it, at all.


And... of course, I'm helpless to help out when I want to so badly, yet there's nothing I can do about it. I have no power other than to just try and cheer up those I love, and sometimes I can't even do that properly. I wish I was a better person.
I'm Alright Bear - headphones
Oh my lord. I love my little boy but he needs to learn how to sleep better. Given, he's got more teeth coming in ... early *sigh* After he got his last two I was so relieved and he gave me two really nice nights... and that was it, the past couple weeks he's been up every 2 hours or less no matter what I do. I give him homogenized milk at story time, cereal before bed, breastmilk when he's falling asleep, a tiny dose of tylenol when he's really chomping on his fingers... when he wakes up I nurse him, change him, make him as comfortable as I can and still, the poor little guy won't sleep and it's taking it's toll on me.

I'm getting overly irritable, annoyed and frustrated at the smallest things. I know it's not his fault, my poor little baby boy, it's hard getting teeth and growing and getting comfortable, but mommy needs sleep.

I think I've cried in the middle of the night every night for the last year. I wish there was a different way for me to express my feelings, but crying does it for me. It could be worse, I could throw things or get angry, but I cry.

Anyway, I'm rambling and I just needed to get somethings out without bothering anyone in particular with my mom stuff.

A whole year

I'm Alright Bear - headphones
So, this time last year, I was hugely pregnant and still thinking I had one week to go before I had my little boy. Everyone was smiling at me and telling me how beautiful I was even though I was stressed out with the baby's room being remodeled and it going veeeery slowly, and I was moving very slowly as well.

Tomorrow is my little boy's birthday and I can't believe it. One year of cuddles, snuggles, little giggles, wondering when he'd be doing certain things like giggling, rolling over, crawling, waving, clapping... and I'm still wondering when he's going to be sleeping through the night.

In other words, I'm tired, I don't get as many people smiling at me, but they smile at my little man so I'm happy. I love my little boy <3

Feeling a little bit better

I&#39;m Alright Bear - headphones
I got a little bit more sleep last night but baby boy is still having a wrestling match with me between 1-3 am *sigh* Before, he used to roll over onto his tummy and keep sleeping, but now, he can crawl so being on his tummy translates into 'MUST CRAWL' and then he wakes himself up and needs me to help him back to sleep.

No one really prepared me for how much sleep I was going to lose and sometimes when I'm in Babies R Us and I see a pregnant lady, I want to go up to her and tell her to go home and take a nap!!!!

We're going to take pictures of him tonight cause he'll be 1 year old next week... omg.

Anyway, sorry I'm just kind of rambling on here, but that's my life right now, is my little boy and not a whole lot else.

lilacwitchtea and I ordered some stickers today!!! Sherlock stickers and such and I can't wait to get them in the mail :) I need to stop ordering things just to look forward to getting things in the mail, it'll get expensive XD
My ass
OMG, have I mentioned how I dislike heavy snow?  The day before we got piss-down rain, then Sunday morning... heavy snow!  Didn't even realize until Ray was going to work and he said 'oh.... snow'. Usually my wonderful DH does the shoveling but it was my turn yesterday... and boy am I paying for it today. Feels like someone did kick me in the back, repeatedly.  

If that wasn't enough (I know, glutton for punishment), I went out grocery shopping. I actually like going grocery shopping by myself but, not in the snow that feels like concrete clinging to my feet, and the cold in my lungs. It got done though. Plus I rewarded myself by making oatmeal raisin cookies when I got home and a 2 hour nap after that. Nice. 

It was a really good weekend for movies though!  Stranger than Fiction was on TV on Friday night and I had forgotten how much I looooooooove that movie. It's so funny and sweet and, well, if you haven't seen it, you should. :)  Saturday we watched Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  It was really graphically disturbing. I was shocked and at the beginning I was saying I loved it, cause of the mystery, but then they got into her story and omg, yeah, I didn't really like those parts even though they were integral to her character. But the mystery in it, I loved.  Then yesterday, 'Scoop', 'Hellboy' and 'Vicky Christina Barcelona' were on. I kinda slept though Hellboy just cause I've seen it so many times, and Scoop I only watched for a few minutes cause I have it, but I watched a good chunk of VCB. I really like it... but Ray doesn't like the narration, so I turned it off as we've seen it before too. 

It was an okay weekend, it went by a little fast and I wanted to knit a little more but after yesterday, I couldn't pick up any needles if I could. lol  I really hope this was the last snow we get this season. 

"I hate my name, it has 'Nerd' in it."

I&#39;m Alright Bear - headphones
Lots of stuff going on, not a whole lot of it is important but the way I'm feeling right now, makes it feel important.

It's a long weekend this weekend and I wish I could stay at home and relax for most of it, but I have family obligations that I can't miss and I'd loathe myself if I did miss the events for being selfish and staying home just to stay home. Even thinking about it makes me feel ill.

So instead, I'm going to post a wicked song that's one of my favourites right now.  This was kind of spurred on by Sean Maher tweeting some new music and... well, I'm putting it here cause I already commented to him and I didn't want to seem like a creepy stalker. 

The Spirits!
I don't think I've posted this here yet but this is the newest video from Spirits :) They're working on the 2nd album right now and I'm on pins and needles waiting for it! :D

Canada Flag
First of all, Happy Valentine's Day everyone :) And if you don't like Valentine's Day then, .... have a happy day anyway :)

Second, I was watching television last night and CTV had their Anniversary of the 2010 games in Vancouver. It was so cool to look back on all the moments that made me into a blubbering patriotic mess! :)

I finally got to see Sid the Kid's Golden Goal too. I don't ever think I told this story but I was watching the game up until the overtime period. I was such a chicken... I couldn't watch because if we lost, I knew I'd totally barf. So I busied myself on the computer trying to figure out how to put songs on my new cell phone. The reaction from the other room from Ray was of total disbelief:

"Oh my god..."
"Crosby scored!"
"WHAT? We won?!!"
"Yeah, he totally just scored off Iggy!"

And now that I'm telling this story, I'm sure I wrote about it last year! LOL But still, being able to see that goal and see all the reactions all over Canada, the whole country just kind of erupted!! I remember hearing reports about what was going on in Toronto and they had to shut down the downtown core just because everyone emptied into the streets to celebrate! I'm not a huge Crosby fan, like at all, but dude... way to save it up for the 'Holy Mackinaw, what a Beauty Goal'!! :D

So I'm wearing red today for 2 reasons now :) I think I may just knit those 2010 mittens that I have in my pattern stash - I do have some leftover Red and White yarn that could do easily. :)

And yes, just like last year, I wept like a little Canadian girl :)
OMG, I can't knit anything here without effing it up! stupid sock... why do I knit here???

Pretty socks, pretty yarn, had lunch, had tea (need more though, apparently) but my stitch count on my pretty socks were off and while I was counting... the needle just slipped right off, on the floor, with the stitch markers and the wonderful Malabrigo sock decided in that moment to get splitty as hell.

Needless to say, knitting was put away.

/Knitting rant


mononoke hime
It is fracking cold today -24, all of you in warm climates can bite my shiny frozen ass! LOL Hopefully I won't have to go out until knit night tonight.

I did have to go out yesterday - to the Doctor's office. This is a new doctor since my other one well, he took a dive into the Niagara Gorge off the rainbow bridge. All of our speculation (our as in my family) points to him having a terminal disease and knew what was coming. It was a huge shock to a lot of people but then again, he was a bit dramatic. Anyway, the new doctor I have is really nice and they have an after hours clinic which means if I get bronchitis again (*spits*) I won't have to wait 3 days for an appointment. But I had some blood work done and I found out the results yesterday - I am, perfectly healthy. In fact the nurse practitioner said my good cholesterol was higher than my bad. Okay, so I eat the same stuff as Ray does, actually, a little worse than Ray does, and how is my good cholesterol better? Butter is my friend... I don't get it, but I'll take it!!

Lately I've gotten back into anime, and it's sort of a rebellion issue. Some people rebel by getting tattoos, or being a dick, or seeking adrenaline - I want to change my hair. hexenhasel helped me out by dying my hair a reddish brown (so pretty, only a semi) and I cut small chunks close to my face ... just a slight change. But now I'm wondering how cool I would look if I had black hair and like, pink chunks?? I blame my want to push the envelope at work (hey, I've seen other girls who work for lawyers with awesome multicolour hair), and watching Ramona on Scott Pilgrim vs. the World... her goggles are awesome too, want! I don't think I'd go that far though, I'm a major chicken and even getting a permanent hair colour freaked me out and I returned it for the semi-permanent. Oh well, maybe one day.... when I've won the lottery and I've got a little knitting shop with a cupcake stand inside, I can afford to go a little wild like that.

Oh, and speaking of Scott Pilgrim, I really need to pick up the soundtrack now! I took a look on iTunes and the song that The Clash at Demonhead sings in the movie, on the soundtrack it's sung by Metric!!! And it's called Black Sheep!!! If you don't know what I'm talking about you need to watch the movie. Also, I need a Sex Bob-Omb t-shirt, the one that Knives wore .... I don't know why they don't make them, either that or I haven't looked hard enough.

Stay warm and toasty peoples.... knit fast, die warm! XD

ETA: here's the Black Sheep song by Metric :D

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